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Premium Service

Our team have the benefit of access to myriad experience with our Director of Property Management, Laura Nettle, having excelled within the industry in multiple avenues over a period of 18+ years.

Laura is still very heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of Oasis, heading up the Property Management department, regularly taking calls and answering emails from owners and tenants. 

Our ethos is that actions are worth far more than words. and we have a very strong focus on the tenant experience here at Oasis. We strongly believe that one of the best ways to ensure your property continues to delivery high yields and stay tenanted, is by making sure your tenants feel welcome and enjoy living in your property. 

Our tenants regularly comment on how responsive, friendly and communicative the team at Oasis is. Want to see it in action? Come by any day of the week and your guaranteed to see a tenant stop in while walking their pets for a chat with our team.  

We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with and love that our tenants and clients view us as being so accessible. However, we also take even more pride in our speed and professionalism when you need things done to protect your investment.

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